11 September, 2007

Hot Wheels

I have had this photo on file quite some time as I knew there was a tale behind it related to Edith Rockefeller McCormick. I recently discovered the source of the photo, with the attached story concerning the Brander family of Chicago.

The Brander family were in the banking business, & they were close friends of the J.P. Morgans and the Rockefellers. Concerning the Rockefellers, a relative wrote:

One of the fun stories that went with the V-16 was that the Cadillac agency phoned my grandmother asking if they could have her car for a day to show Mrs. Edith Rockefeller McCormick, so she could have an identical car made. My grandmother told them that Mrs. Rockefeller should have her own car made, not a copy of my grandmother's car. (Incidentally...they were very close friends.)

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