01 May, 2010

Amazing Treasure

While cleaning out one of my mom's garden sheds today, I made an astonishing find. I found a box filled with old magazines and newspapers.Or so I thought. When I looked closer, i discovered old drawings and a few photos that once belonged to my grandfather, David Henry Davis.

David was the son of a well known Chicago architect; Zachary Taylor Davis. I assume these childhood renderings are intended to hone my grandfather's draughting technique. (David Henry would become an engineer in adulthood)

Homework perhaps?

My grandfather spent a lifetime of designing and executing his own ship models completely from scratch, using only the finest materials. Now I know where it started; I found this pamphlet for decorative ship models dated 1923, published by The Architectural Record. The same publication that produced an article about Villa Turicum and it's gardens and grounds.

My grandfather was born 1 April, 1910. Today is 1 May, 2010. Interesting timing that indeed makes this find a treasure!

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