22 September, 2010

Lake Forest Foundation for Architecture and Landscape Management - Part II

The picture below that Jim's father took in 1928 had me scratching my head for a few moments the other night. It was identified as garage, and I immediately assumed it was the exterior of the service court. As I was pulling up the blueprints it hit me that, no! this is the south garden promenade looking toward the southern elevation of the house:

Here is one of my photos from the same perspective taken in 1912:

Interesting, no? The two photos make it quite evident that Villa Turicum was always kept hiberné. Sixteen years have shown virtually no effect on the unoccupied house. Recently I did find out that Harold lived in Villa Turicum for awhile after he & Edith returned (separately) from Europe in 1921. In the subsequent divorce, Edith would receive Villa Turicum in the settlement and "buy back" 1000 Lake Shore Dr.

Now,if we were to walk forward (in the above) and pass around the right hand corner of the house, we would be confronted with this sight:

The loggia and terrace that faced Lake Michigan. Once again, here is one of my photos for context:

I think in this comparison it is conspicuous that Villa Turicum has been unoccupied and idle.

This final photo is cool, because it gave me an entirely new view of the infamous lily pond:

I say infamous, because over the years I have heard countless stories of people who grew up in the area and remember playing around (or falling into) it. Happily, the lily pond is one feature of Villa Turiucum that still exists, so for once (as is seldom the case) I can post a photo on here in color!

My bona fide thanks once again to Jim for sharing these remarkable photos with me; and now you!

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