21 September, 2010

Lake Forest Foundation for Architecture and Landscape Management

I recently heard from my pal Jim concerning some photographs his father took of Villa Turicum in the summer of 1928. At the time, Jim's father was a student at the Lake Forest Foundation for Architecture and Landscape Management.

Jim and I originally began corresponding in February, but as so often happens to all of us, other matters took precident and time sliped away from us. I had to smile when Jim wrote me a week ago: "I bet you thought you would never hear from me again." So not true; I take all of my emails concerning Villa Turiucm very seriously, filing them away in a special folder. I have every email since the site went live in 2006.

Regardless of that, last night I started viewing the pictures that Jim's father took in 1928. In short, I was spellbound; opening each file with the apprehension and trepidation one would have with a small jewel box in hand. Jim is in the process of scanning images, but as you can see from the preview below they are indeed extraordinary.

A view from the second terrace toward the South (library) wing.

A stunning shot of the lower cascade up to the pelican and twin alligator water source.

Detail of the pelican and alligators.

A view from the top terrace, looking down toward the beach and Lake Michigan.

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