27 September, 2013

Villa Turicum Post Wartime

In 1919, given Villa Turicum's proximity to Fort Sheridan, (which was on the Southern border of the property) it is not surprising that men were recruited to tend the grounds. Below are two photos I recently repaired, taken that year of wounded men from the Great War working outside of the service buildings for Villa Turicum:

John Dunford (the caretaker) is pictured with his dog Major at left. More importantly, the good fellows pictured: (from left to right) Matthew Zdroleas, Raymond Coutore, William S. Hepner, John Boyanowski and Jack Dawson are Villa Turicum's most appreciated caretakers.

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Karen L. Hepner said...

William S. Hepner is my grandfather. He lost his hearing in the war from a cannon explosion. Why was he working there?