11 September, 2010

Villa Turiucm or Villa Lante?

Charles Platt in his atelier during the late 1800's

Although Charles Platt is best remembered today for his landscapes and designs for country houses, in his time he was also renowned for his etchings, landscape paintings, photography, commercial architecture, and institutional projects. I find it attractive that he was largely self-taught in each of these disciplines. He built his his success (and there were many) on his ability to re-conceive the classical tradition in architecture for the needs and desires of his wealthy, powerful clients.

The garden pavilion (above and below) at Villa Lante, Bagnaia Italy

The tea house pavilion (above and below) at Villa Turicum

Villa Lante; stairs including balustrade, hedge, and villa

Villa Turicum; restored stairs

The Villa Lante watercourse.

As I was reading about him this morning, I was reminded of the obvious influence his travels and studies had on his work, especially with regard to Villa Turicum. Some of the following photos beg one to wonder, "Am I in Italy or at Villa Turicum?"

Villa Turicum watercourse in ruin...

and restored.


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent comparison! Also, nearby at the corner of Mayflower, Ringwood and Walden (Lane), David Adler in 1928 created a version of this for the Alfred Hamills. I had not seen all these connections before! Keep it up, Todd!

Unknown said...

Excellent comparison, and can also be related to David Adler's pavilion for the Aflred Hamills, 1928 nearby at Ringwood and Mayflower in Lake Forest.