27 December, 2010

The Census of 1920

I was wrong! I completely forgot about Harold, who had returned to the United States prior to Edith, although due to their seperation he was not to be living at 1000 Lake Shore anymore. According to the passenger list for the Aquitainia dated October 29th, 1920, Harold indeed now lived at 50 East Huron:

Regardless, for the Census they were all counted and recorded as living at 1000 Lake Shore. At this point in time Harold and Edith were 48 years old, and the children were respectively; Fowler; 21, Muriel; 18, and Mathilde; 15. (All of the children were being educated in Europe, with the exception of Fowler who had been attending Princeton.)

Aside from the five McCormick family members, the live-in household included: Hulda Carlson; (cook) 38, Dagmar Westling; (housemaid) 24, Annie M E Odelius; (housemaid) 35, Antone F Falanelli; (houseman) 30, Maria Anderson; (chambermaid) 24, John M Ryland; (butler) 31, and Lynn H Hull; (chauffeur) 35, who lived above the garage with his family. ( Clara B. Hull; 36, Neal K. Hull; 14, & Dorothy I. Hull; 12 )

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