04 January, 2011

Stunning, Isn't It?

This is Villa Turicum today. (I encourage you to click on the photo above to get the full effect.) Last night I received an email from a graduate student of architecture at Notre Dame requesting info on what exists of Villa Turicum today. He is studying the work of Charles Platt and wondered if any of what remains of Villa Turicum is accessible.

I'm not sure if our student read my previous post or not, but regardless of that I would like to help him in his research. In addition to Villa Turicum he also inquired if I knew of, or had, any information pertaining to Platt's Sylvania or Timberline; specifically asking if I knew the condition of them today. I don't, but if anyone does please email me and I will forward the information.

Getting back to Villa Turicum, I think the following photo better explains my quiet diplomacy in previous posts (and email inquires) that no, you really can't visit what remains of Villa Turicum:

The homes on Circle Lane sell on average for over 4 million dollars. Ten years ago I inquired about the empty lot that lies between the tea house (it's tiled roof barely seen at left; not the structure with a swimming in front of it) and the former Debruin property (at right) with the terraces and cascades to the lake. The lot can not be built upon as it is deemed unsuitable for construction due to the erosion that has occurred. Ten years ago the price was just over two million dollars.

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Anna said...

Funny, Mom always had a music house! The one inMiddletown was octangle and all glass. Wish I had pictures for you!