29 May, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Long before there was the paparazzi; there was the press, and the press of yesteryear could be just as bold, persistent and greedy for a story as their current incarnation. I love this photo that I recently acquired not so much for the photo itself, but for the slight paradox that exists in it's creation.

This is a press release photo; a great example of the "cut & paste" work that was often done in order to put out an image with a story. It just so happens that my press photo arrived with the "story" still attached to the back:


Chicago, Ill. --Social leaders were aflutter over "romantic gestures" which indicated to them that Harold F. McCormick, the "harvester king", again is paying court to his first wife, Mrs. Edith Rockefeller McCormick. McCormick obtained a divorce only last month from Ganna Walska, Polish beauty whom he married in Paris in 1922. He aided her gallantly in her many attempts to become an opera star, but her voice found little favor. They had been separated for the last three years. McCormick is shown above with his first wife, Mrs. E.R. McCormick.

The photo is stamped November 28, 1931 - and the press was once again (as many did) interpreting actions as they would like them to be rather than as they were; Edith was battling cancer and would be dead in nine months. Harold would be by her side until the very end, and that my friends, is gallant indeed.

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