01 June, 2011

Actus Reus

Last night as I was preparing to turn in, I checked my email and discovered this touching note: "I wanted to thank you for the website. My dad used to take me past the outbuildings and I always wondered what the house was like. We did not have the courage to walk around. I wish we had. I have a picture that I am sending. It is really a very sad picture, but I guess it is history." Attached was the following:

My heart sank of course, as we see Villa Turicum in it's last days. My heartache was replaced by contempt, as I realized how much this photo reminds me of the destruction of World War II. Here we have a structure being deliberately torn down (in 1956) while in Europe during the same era historic structures were being rebuilt brick by brick. (Villa Valmarana , the W├╝rzburg Residence and countless cities and towns come to mind.) It is certainly disconcerting that in one part of the world every effort was being made to preserve and rebuild history, while in another it was being torn down?

This is an irreversible turn of events of course, but I reminded my correspondent that at least we can keep in mind what once was a fantastic, magical place. Sad as it may be to view such a terrible event, there are still memories that abound concerning Villa Turicum. I thanked her for her words, as every recollection is indeed a treasure.

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