12 July, 2011

An Enduring Adornment

I found a tremendous surprise in my inbox late yesterday afternoon; an email from a Villa Turicum follower who has the fountain from the south garden promenade. I was absolutely gushing because it is always a boost to find out that someone has preserved and enjoyed some element of Villa Turicum.

After leaving Villa Turicum, the fountain resided nearby at the home of my correspondent's grandfather (in Lake Forest) for over thirty years. From there the fountain traveled to Denver, where the grandfather's son had it installed, until it was passed on to the third generation and journeyed to Oklahoma, where it now stands.

Below is a photo (1929) of the south garden promenade of Villa Turicum from a previous post in which you see the fountain in it's basin:

That photo is interesting to contrast against another photo (1918) - taken from the opposite direction - toward the tea house and without the bronze element:

As you can see, although the basin (which still exists on the original property) is consistent, the delightful bronze element (which now resides in Oklahoma) was added at a later date. Regardless, it was a terrific to find out that it has entertained and impressed many in the years since it left Villa Turicum. Once again, thank you Robert for sharing this with us.

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