24 April, 2012

Edwin at the Drake II

I thought I would add a few more photos as an addendum to my previous post

One corner of Edwin Krenn's Drake hotel suite showing a great variety of Oriental objects in their characteristic balanced arrangement. Several fine T'ang Bodhisattva are represented and a smaller image of exquisite crystal is the last one at lower left.
A large gilt bronze temple figure from the Sund dynasty is an important piece in the collection. Hanging on the wall are two etchings of allegorical thought which were done by Edwin.
The general view of the room indicates how the calm goddesses and innumerable creations of the Chinese artists take their places as the furnishings of one of Chicago's most astonishing interiors.
An extraordinary example of a carved wooden Bodhisattva of the T'ang dynasty. This reclining Goddess of Mercy is flanked by two graceful attendants. The flowers in the foreground are composed of thin flakes of semi-precious stones.

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