18 April, 2012

Edwin Krenn Revealed

Edwin Krenn's Swiss passport from 1921, when he journeyed with Edith Rockefeller McCormick on her return to the United States. (He would remain in Chicago for the rest of his life.)

I've had little occasion to write about Edwin Krenn (only twice) on this blog, as there is precious little information about Edith Rockefeller McCormick's confidant, friend, and business partner. Until now.

Edwin Krenn at the Krenn and Dato offices, c. 1927

Last week I became the guardian of two steamer trunks and a suitcase filled with letters, newspapers, receipts and photographs that once belonged to our enigmatic fellow. I shall forevermore be grateful to Christine and Mark for entrusting me with this extraordinary amount of material; whose provenance extends to Christine's father, who acquired the pieces sometime after Edwin's death on October 19th, 1965.

Edwin and his 1925 Lincoln Sedan. (A Christmas gift from Edith)

This is forever going to change the course of the Villa Turicum website proper and this blog. The amount of information and insight contained in these trunks is at times overwhelming, thrilling, and exhausting all at the same time. For myself, without question it caused my life take a turn and head in another direction as I became the conservator of this material last Friday. (It was Friday the 13th, so how's that for running contrary to the old superstition that it is an unlucky day?)

A page from Edith Rockefeller McCormick's calendar, written in her hand. She would succumb to cancer on August 25, 1932

Today I've included but a tiny sampling of what I have recently discoverd as I begin to explore the trunks. (The amount of material is vast and varied to say the least.) As we move forward I am excited for and look forward to sharing what I discover with you; both here and on the Villa Turicum website proper.

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