22 April, 2012

Villa Turicum in Color

I've known McCormick Brubaker since the beginning of the Villa Turicum website. He sent me an email introducing himself;  telling me of his experiences growing up in Lake Forest and exploring the ruins of the Edith Rockefeller McCormick estate. I was astonished to find out that he had taken a series of photographs of Villa Turicum - extraordinary for their beauty and a magnificent record of what the estate looked like at the time.

McCormick Lee Brubaker
Title: Fuck It
Print on archival paper with exhibition borders, signed and numbered edition. (Edition size of 40)
Various sizes, from 11 x 14 to 40 x 50

Mac's photos offer an exceptional perspective of what happened to Villa Turicum, and it is one of the only records i know of to date that has been done in color. Of course the added benefit here is that it is done in artistic form.

I highly encourage you to visit his website, where you will see not only see the Villa Turicum material but other First Edition examples of his work.

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