22 May, 2012

Mrs. Gray, Are You Sure You're All Right?

1928: "One of the smartest box parties at the Red, White and Blue Club's jai aloai benefit performance at the Rainbo Garden the other evening included (left to right) Mrs. Horace Gray, Mrs. Rockefeller McCormick, the hostess, and Edwinn Krenn."

I recently stumbled across this photo and I couldn't resist posting it for a few reasons; one of them being the  expression on Katherine Gray's face. She was the daughter of Arthur Meeker Sr.; and her brother Arthur Meeker Jr., is well known to any Chicagoan well versed in the history of Chicago and Lake Forest.

Perhaps some will also remember the slight scandal that erupted when Katherine's youngest sister  Mary wed the ex-husband of her sister Grace;  Ambrose C. Cramer, in 1929. (With this marriage the two children born to Cramer and his first wife became step-children to their aunt.)

That aside, I find the Meeker family  interesting myself  because their mansion at 3030 N. Lake Shore Drive was designed by none other than Villa Turicum's Charles A. Platt.

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