20 June, 2012

Out on the Town

I recently ran across this little clipping among Edwin Krenn's papers concerning an evening at the Village Theater on Clark St. with Edith Rockefeller McCormick. It is not dated, nor is it identified as to what publication it came from - although I know it was written in the late 1920's.

Night after night, in plum-colored uniform, a chauffeur idles in a corner cigar shop watching the limousine parked in front. Next door is a tiny movie theater. Inside the ten cent theater the richest woman in Chicago and a friend sit absorbed in the latest thriller. 

One night some young man saw the wealthy woman in the ten cent theater and was so surprised he blurted, "Look who's here." The voice was audible above the atrocious music. But the graven head of the lady who has faced the gatling eyes of countless festive opera nights didn't turn a hair. But the companion - he looked around and smiled.

The Village Theater (now shuttered and closed) today. 

This is an activity of Edith and Edwin's  that I was already aware of.  I used to be enthusiastic about the Village myself many years ago, when it was on it's terminal legs. I recall one of the last films I saw there was  Scandal, which chronicled  the Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice-Davies  and John Profumo affair in England. I get quite a charge out of the fact that I used to enjoy slumming at the little Village Theater; when seventy years prior it was a frequent outing shared by the heiress and her companion. 

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Paula said...

Hi, Todd, I just found your blog. I'm doing my genealogy and was always told that my grandfather worked on Cyrus McCormick's estate as a gardener. I've been organizing a timeline and my grandparents lived in Shields, IL probably prior to 1910 and until nearly 1920 and I'm thinking it was Villa Turicum instead but I really can't say. I know Cyrus McCormick died in 1884 but don't know much more about his homes except that there were several. Do you think I might be on the right track or would they have all lived on the grounds?

Also, I love seeing blogs like yours. One day, if you haven't accomplished it already, you'll have an amazing treasure trove of information here.