04 November, 2012

Opera Season

Edith Rockefeller McCormick and Edwin Krenn, c. 1931

CHICAGO, Nov.4. - (AP)  Society is on fashion parade this week - the opening of the Chicago civic opera season.

And there is well bred turning of necks and  conservative training of lorgnettes as debutantes and matrons, mannequins for the moment, if you please, promenade in the latest creations which hint of grandmother's hoops and bustles which are reminiscent of the second empire and pre-war days. 

Then smartly comes a new interpretation of the decolletage in which the shoulder straps are crossed in back after the manner of the lowly overall, and from that garment this Paris inspiration takes its name "overall back."

Last year's gown would be as "passe" among these modern interpretations and suggestions of the period silhouette as last year's hat is among the  Eugenie hats, tricornes, derbys and tip-tilted brims.

Wraps are any length  desired from waist to tip of the new modified trains, but long-trailing cloaks of dark, rich purple and wine reds with deep sable collars are noticeable new. All lengths of black velvet wraps, trimmed with ermine and sable, are numerous. 

Pearl necklaces and diamond earrings seem to be the most favored jewels with emeralds, rubies and garnets. It was noted on opening night that Mrs. Edith Rockefeller McCormick wore no jewels save simple diamond and pearl earrings.

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