11 May, 2013

A Bridge Party

In September of 1922, Edith Rockefeller McCormick threw open the doors of Villa Turicum  for the first time since her return from Switzerland the previous year. It was the  scene of a bridge party; arranged by Mrs. Samuel T. Chase for the benefit of the Girl Scouts.  A who's-who of prominent ladies attended; some from North Shore circles and some from downtown, representing Chicago's "gold coast."  Their numbers were upward of 400, and they came to play bridge.

Mrs. Benjamin Carpenter, active commissioner of the Girl Scouts of Cook County received the guests as Edith was unable to attend. It was estimated that the party netted more than $1,200 ($18,000 if adjusted for today) for the organization. These ladies certainly knew how to play cards - we suspect skills were honed during afternoon larks at the Casino

Guests enjoy the south gardens and promenade terrace of Villa Turicum in 1922. This was the first time the house had been opened for the public in seven years.

Prizes were of course awarded, and  Mrs. Charles MacDowell went home with first; a new picture hat. Mrs. Allen Bell, second prize, received two red glass compotes. Mrs. David A. Noyes, third prize, was awarded a silver encrusted glass bottle. Mrs. Richard Barnum received fourth prize, five pounds of candy; Mrs. Benjamin H. Marshall, fifth prize, a suitcase of toilet soaps; Mrs. T. Phillip Swift, sixth prize, a silver and silk purse.

What threatened to be a serious accident occurred late in the afternoon, when Miss Josephine Landon of Winnetka stepped backward into the marble pool located in the Pompeian Room. The pool was empty, and she was only slightly injured and was able to return to her home with her sister, Mrs. William M. Hoyt.

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