28 August, 2013

From Carriage to Motor

On Sunday I visited Graceland Cemetery with a friend; and as it happened to be the 25th, it was also the anniversary of Edith's death 81 years earlier.

We visited her grave, and of course the inevitable occurred - I started recalling stories and events, one of which included two photos I had forgotten about.

In the first photo, Edith is emerging from a carriage in front of Louis Rebisso's (1891) Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Lincoln Park. The date is August 5, 1926, but I have yet to learn the event or circumstances.

In the second photo Edith is being assisted by Gen. Edward H. White, and gazing rather coyly at the photographer as she prepares to enter her Rolls Royce. Standing behind her is Capt. Royal Allen. (She's probably had to travel all of five or six paces.)

I've always found these pictures peculiar, yet charming, and they continue a theme as I have others from a separate occasion in which Edwin Krenn is posing with his new Lincoln coupe (a gift from Edith) in the same spot. It's a gallimaufry of things to think about: Edith, the General, a carriage, the Grant Memorial (in Lincoln Park), and Edwin's Lincoln in front of the Grant. (Oh - let's not forget Joyce, who wrote Ulysses, which was Grant's first name.)

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