15 March, 2014

Before and After

This afternoon I was doing my periodic maintenance of the Villa Turicum website; adding new photos, and replacing others with those of a better quality. The collection of material I now have has grown to the point that I can now make quick comparisons to the "before" and "after" of Villa Turicum's life.

In particular, I was adding a few pictures to the Ruin page of the website - always a somber task. Below are two images of the central gallery of the house. The first was taken during what I consider to be Villa Turicum's heyday; 1930. The house was about 15 years old at that point, and it had mellowed beautifully. Edith Rockefeller McCormick was still alive, although she would lose her battle with cancer in 1932. Villa Turicum itself would soon begin its own demise.

The second image is from 1955, a year before the house was razed. The contrast of the two pictures is quite telling.

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