16 June, 2014

June 17th, 1915

It would take another six years.

The chances are very slim for having Mrs. Harold McCormick back in Lake Forest this summer.  She is still at her rest cure in Zurich, Switzerland. The whole McCormick family, including the head, seems utterly enthralled with Zurich. Mrs. McCormick goes boating on the Swiss lakes - she never goes on Lake Michigan - she plays tennis daily, and rides, and when at home her only exercise is walking and dancing.

Then, it seems, she has gathered a very interesting foreign circle at Zurich. Many brilliant Poles, Russians, Greeks, and Serbians are refugees there, and a salon was not difficult to establish; finally both Mr. and Mrs. McCormick are interested in the Red Cross and working for it. SO with the war of eleven nations raging on all side of them the atmosphere is undoubtedly charged with more vital possibilities than Lake Forest in Summer.

Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 17, 1915

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